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    • 2023 astro/XKDG Calendar - English version

About our Calendar

This edition of the Calendar was prepared by Małgorzata Gałkowska-Błądek and Renata Marczewska with the permission of Joseph Yu. 

We give you a special Calendar, in a version enriched with the phases of the Moon and some qualities associated with Western astrology – retrograde of Mercury and others. We have also added 12 Officers.

Thanks to the techniques of determining the date according to Chinese and Western astrology, you can now, richer in knowledge and experience of many thousands of years, more easily plan important events in your life. There is no wrong or right timing. Each time segment is governed by its own unique quality. Whether they are episodes of 2 hours - as in the Chinese calendar, or whether it is a day or a year; each moment is associated with a unique activity. The more information, the more accurate the forecast. 

However, nothing can replace an individual approach to one's horoscope. It happens that generally difficult aspects can favorably activate our potential, and conversely, positive planetary alignments are not always unequivocally supportive for us. 

However, when making important life decisions, it is worthwhile to be guided by the methods contained in this calendar, as it brings us much closer to success. 

This Calendar is a very helpful tool for your Xuan Kong Da Gua study. Everybody studying this subject should have one!

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Happy planning!