About the Course

As you know - Period 9 is approaching and many people hesitates now if to invest into renovation/new house or to wait. Energies will change their action and meaning but fortunately we can tell (thanks to feng shui knowledge!) what is around the corner. I decided to prepare a special course where I will share my knowledge and experience concerning energies and how to read them in new situation.

 It is a series of  three webinars (more than 6 hours of recordings) and 1 additional meeting for Q&A session - I will announce it (I plan to organize it in 20 December 2023).

You will get:

·         elaboration of every chart of Period 8 and Period 9 buildings, so you can choose if to renovate/buy - or not (wait for Period 9). You will know main features of Period 9 and 8 charts - it will help you to understand and choose right house for you. If you have an older house - you can send your chart for Q&A session and we will elaborate it too.
For each chart - there is also one of famous Water Dragon Method attached.

·         PDF presentation with webinar slides

·         elaboration of main tendencies in life, energies in 9 Period and how to prepare for them

·         certificate for Period 9 Recommendations

·         you can watch the recordings as many times as you want during 6 months after purchase, on our new Teaching Platform

Happy learning and planning! 

See you in the course!

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • About 9 Period in Feng Shu

    • Period 9 charts

    • Period 8 charts

    • Thank you!